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Whether you are buying, renovating, or simply topping up the mortgage, if you need a valuation for meeting bank requirements to secure finance you will need a full registered current market valuation report.


What is a full registered valuation report?

A full registered current market report is accepted by lending institutions as an official independent, professional estimation of value which they use to base their lending decisions.  Considered a legal document, this report has certain stipulated requirements under the New Zealand Institute of Valuers and the Property Institute of New Zealand Standards.

These standards impose direct professional liability upon the registered valuer who signs the report.

It is an important document from which big decisions are made - like determining the about of money you may be paying of for the next 25 years! 

Valuation Solutions takes its role in this process very seriously, and likes to back-up our written reports with unlimited on-call advice and support.


How's it different from a real estate agent's assessment or my Council rating valuation?

A full registered report is a far cry from a real estate agent's verbal non-liable sales assessment, or the on-mass formulaic calculations of which Council rating valuations are based. 

These tables below will help to highlight the differences:

  Registered Valuer Estate Agent
Job description: To provide professional valuation & negotiation advice To market & sell property
Qualifications: Professional tertiary qualifications - takes minimum 6 years to become registered Self regulated body provides sales training course - can be selling within weeks
Accountability: Mandatory Professional Indemnity Insurance  Liable for all advice given. None
Valuation specific advice: Fee - totally independent; no self interest Free - although commission related
Average cost:  0.0012% avg Chch sale price = $420  3-4% avg Chch sale price = over $12,000
  Valuation Solutions tailored report Ratings/Council/Govt valuation or 'online' products
Site inspection: Onsite and in person - interior & exterior - for EVERY valuation undertaken None
Calculations: Real-time, adapted, custom-made, based on coal-face knowledge Dated, formulaic, prescribed
Customisation: Based on property specifics - an endless amount of variables Based on area "averages"
Market considerations: Real-time moving market dynamics Based on quarterly / monthly area "averages"
Meeting bank requirements: Yes - the legal report format accepted by all lenders  Rarely in today's new risk adverse lending environment
Accuracy: "Value range" targets 5% above or below actual sale value  Dubious, problematic - endless evidence of RVs being $10,000-$100,000s higher or lower than current market


In what type of property do you specialise?

We are residential specialists pure & simple!  That's all we do. 

We specialise in residential property...from exclusive architectually designed homes, through to studio investment units...and everything in between!

  • houses
  • units
  • townhouses
  • apartments
  • land sections
  • new builds
  • lifestyle blocks
  • over 60s units
  • investment properties
  • renovations
  • chattels

As residentail specialists we do not have to water-down our market knowledge over other property types, like commercial, industrial, retail and rural.  Everyday we hone our expertise on being able to answer your most burning question: "what's my house worth?"


When can you initiate your own report versus a bank arranged report?

Check with your bank manager...if a valuation is required, it is worth your while to enquire about how it is to be organised, or you may end up paying significantly more than the average market fee.

Valuation Solutions Ltd were accepted by all banks and institutions until many of the big banks moved their processes over to the Australian system in 2017. These banks can now arrange a valuation through a commercial “ordering house” that appoint valuation firms to undertake a report at the cost of the client. The ordering house is an additional party in the process charging for their service.

The price of your bank arranging a report can certainly significantly inflate the cost to you. Valuation Solutions is still accepted by many institutions, including ANZ and most of the non-Australian local finance lenders.

Request to arrange your own valuer – it could save you $100s.


Do you inspect my property?

Yes - always.  A full internal & external onsite inspection is critical to valuation accuracy.  Our senior registered valuer personally undertakes ALL Valuation Solutions inspections. 

We try our best to offer appointment times convenient to you (depending on your urgency), or can organise inspection directly with your estate agent or property manager.


Does the report cover building defects?

Most registered valuers are not qualified builders or engineers.  Valuations are not designed as an assessment of a property's structural soundness. We strongly suggest when buying, or as a tool when selling, invest in a building inspection report.


What will the report document include?

Our full registered report meets all the requirements of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers and the New Zealand Property Institute.

It is our most comprehensive report option available, covering 15-18 pages. 

Our senior valuer will undertake a full onsite internal and external inspection of the property, then provide you with a written report including:

  • photos of the most relevant comparative recent sales, including descriptions
  • unique SWOT analysis - an objective outline of the property's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • specific market commentary
  • 'saleability' assessment
  • certificate of title
  • obviously the assessed value, including a value range
  • hard paper copies if required
  • unlimited on-call support/advice


Who does my valuation?

Our senior registered valuer personally undertakes ALL Valuation Solutions inspections. 

Our personal service ensures that one experienced individual is hands-on and responsible for the whole valuing procedure...onsite assessment, research, analysis & calculations.  We do not have any junior or un-registered staff involved in our valuation processes.


How much will it cost?

At Valuation Solutions we keep a close eye on industry fees - we regularly investigate competition prices.  It is our policy to ensure our fees remain at the industry average and therefore very competitive.

Rate for properties fitting our standard criteria*:

Full registered current market report   =  $825 incl gst

Go to FAQs for further details relating to:

  • our fees
  • standard property criteria*
  • payment methods
  • other product choices

But every valuation is unique, and the cost may vary, so we therefore confirm all quotes prior to beginning any valuation.  We recommend you simply complete and submit our online enquiry form to enable us to come straight back to you with an accurate quote.


What if I need further advice?

This is where you get real added value for money with Valuation Solutions.  With every report we undertake we offer UNLIMITED ON-CALL SUPPORT!

Rather than simply writing reports, we're happy to be a sounding board for our clients.

Once you've received and read through your report, you can ring our valuer as many times as you need to work through your decision-making about this particular property...whether it's negotiation, renovation or saleability can use us as your independent advisor.

Check out other reasons why you should choose us.

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Exceptional service ! The valuation surpassed our expections. 10/10. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other people that need a comprehensive valuation.

Many thanks

Chris and Andrea




Bevan Fleming did a valuation assessment of my house prior to putting it on the market.

His valuation was spot on.

He gave a range of suggested asking prices and his final realistic selling price was EXACTLY what I received.

He took the time to search thoroughly for comparison properties and his report was set out logically and worded objectively. I think he read the market very well.

Bevan was unfailingly courteous and helpful in our dealings and in comparison with one of the long established companies, he proved to be outstanding in accuracy, integrity, service and value for money.

I recommend Bevan and 'valuation Solutions' to any one wanting a first class valuation service.

Ms H. S. Dodge