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property valuation consultancy:
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Executive summary service:

This service is ideal for:

  • vendors / sellers
  • potential renovators
  • buyers prior to making an offer
  • anyone new to Christchurch
  • those separating or dividing assets
  • expats moving back to Christchurch

If you're wanting to undertake your own instigated due dilligence (very astute!), and meeting bank requirements is not an issue - this report format is for you.



Why is this report the perfect choice for vendors, pre-offer buyers, renovators or divorcees?

This is where you get real added value for money with Valuation Solutions.  With every report we undertake we offer UNLIMITED ON-CALL SUPPORT!

Rather than simply writing reports, we're happy to be a sounding board for our clients.

Once you've received and read through your report, you can ring our valuer as many times as you need to work through your decision-making about this particular property...whether it's negotiation, renovation or saleability can use us as your independent advisor.

We can not only provide an impartial valuation assessment, but talk through any 'saleability' issues.  What improvements or maintenance would be advantageous without over-capitalising?


This package allows you the invaluable opportunity to call up your own registered valuer for advice:

  • over the entire duration of your sale period
  • throughout your renovation planning process
  • before making an offer
  • during your seperation negotiations

Check out other reasons why you should choose us.


What is an executive summary report?

This is a cost effective report package which includes all our same customised expertise, but without having to pay for all the legal documentation that is not necessary if not having to use the report for securing finance.

Please note: this style of report will not be accepted by mortgage lenders for the purpose of securing finance.


Do you still inspect my property for this short format report?

Yes - always.  Although this is a summary report no short cuts are taken in our reseach.

We believe a full internal & external onsite inspection is critical to valuation accuracy no-matter what format the report takes.  Our senior registered valuer personally undertakes ALL Valuation Solutions inspections. 

We try our best to offer appointment times convenient to you (depending on your urgency), or can organise inspection directly with your estate agent or property manager.


What will this summary report document include?

A brief emailed report covering:

  • a full listing of the most recent comparative sales around the property of interest
  • a customised SWOT analysis of the property – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • an assessed value range, plus a specific estimated price
  • and most importantly, a professional sounding board at the other end of your phone: i.e. customised verbal advice


Who does my valuation?

Our senior registered valuer personally undertakes ALL Valuation Solutions inspections, even for summary reports. 

Our personal service ensures that one experienced individual is hands-on and responsible for the whole valuing procedure...onsite assessment, research, analysis & calculations.  We do not have any junior or un-registered staff involved in our valuation processes.


How much will it cost?

Rate for properties fitting our standard criteria*:

Executive summary report   =  $825 incl gst

Go to FAQs for further details relating to:

  • our fees
  • standard property criteria*
  • payment methods
  • other product choices

But every valuation is unique, and the cost may vary, so we therefore confirm all quotes prior to beginning any valuation.  We recommend you simply complete and submit our online enquiry form to enable us to come straight back to you with an accurate quote.


Can I upgrade to a full registered report if it eventuates I need to secure finance?

If you find that for whatever reason you actually need a full registered valuation report format to meet lending requirements, you can upgrade your summary report for an additional $100.

We can only upgrade within 3 months of the original inspection...and the upgrade only covers the change in report format - the valuation itself will not be alterated or updated.


valuation reports and services:


read what our clients have to say about us...


We recently required a valuation on our property.

Along with the usual nerves / stressors dealing with Banks there were also the issues around a very busy work / home schedule.

It was with great relief to meet & deal with Bevan and his team, the completed report was to a very high standard – no hassle on our part what so ever.

I would not hesitate in recommending or engaging Bevan and his team again.